Update: Mother who blamed and beat up her 2-year-old daughter after a man raped her has been found (video)


A Nigerian lady who beat up and called her 2-year-old daughter a prostitute for being raped by a man has been found.

The woman should no regret for her actions and was aggressive to the people who visited her to discuss her daughter’s wellbeing.

The woman told the visitors that she’s educated and she does not appreciate their interference.

When the visitors attempt to take her two kids (the 2-year-old girl and her elder brother) from her, the woman put up a struggle.

The woman’s were taken to the police station since there was no one willing to take the woman’s children in.

The kindhearted Nigerian who made the rape victims plight go viral, said the children may be returned to their mother since the police can’t keep them indefinitely.

Meanwhile, the rapist, named Baba Kekere, is on the run as attempts are being made to find him.

Below is a video of the mother after she was found.


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