Grandson Caught on Camera Flogging his Grandmother Ruthlessly (video)


A video trending online shows the moment Young man was busy flogging his Grandmother.

According to Reports, the Incident took Place in A Remote Village, Cuda Village in Gulu District in Uganda.

In the Video, The Young man is seen having an argument with the old woman who happened to be his grandmother before he started flogging her. However, the reason for the flogging her is still unknown.

An Ugandan man Dogodogo Amaruu who shared the video writes An Advocate to Investigate the Incident;

He wrote;

“Advocate Tonny Kitara, this incidence where a grandson is beating a grandmother took place in Cuda Village in Gulu District yesterday within your geographical jurisdiction.

“I request you to trace for that young man with the help of the police, to have him investigated, and if there’s enough evidence, he should be produced before court and prosecuted.

“The old woman be taken for medical examination and treatment (I will meet the medical bills), follow up the matter on watching brief to have this boy’s conduct put to order. He wrote.


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