I will never Surrender nor Rest until I defeat Boko Haram – Chadian President (video)


Chadian President, Idris Deby, as the commander in Chief of the armed forces, displayed one of his powers as he took the initiative to lead his army in a very delicate operation, stating that he will never surrender for Boko Haram, vows to defeat them.

The operation was targeted at Boko haram, to totally eliminate 76 boko Haram terrorists in “Operation Boma Anger”.

The operation was in retaliation for an attack by boko haram which took the lives of 92 Chadian soldiers.

President Deby, following the attack vowed that he will not accept defeat until justice is served. “I will not accept defeat” he said.

“I can assure Chadians, the entire zone that border with Niger, Nigeria & Cameroon is now under control, not even a single Boko Haram Terrorist. We taught them a lesson they will never forget, those of them alive,”

In a video shared by Dan-Borno on Twitter, the president, while speaking after the won battle said: “chad is no place for Boko haram“


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