VIDEO: Woman Caught Smuggling Rice in Her Bra and Headtie Due to Border Closure


The directive of the presidency to close the borders which has placed an embargo on goods coming into the country has turned smugglers to inventors as they invent new ideas to smuggle goods into the country to beat security operatives.

A video of a yet-to-be identified woman who was caught smuggling “foreign rice” into the country which is one of the products currently banned by Nigeria authorities has emerged.

Inside the 1:33 minute video that depicts extra-efforts humans go through for survival, security operatives are seen forcing a yet-to-be identified woman to remove the rice she hid in her headtie and bra.

These rice grains were put inside nylons and kept inside the bra and headtie by the woman.

The area, date and time of the incident remain unknown.



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