President Buhari Reacts To ‘Sex For Grades’ BBC Documentary Video


Barely 3 days after the documentary of BBC exposed high profile sex abuse cases in the country, President Buhari has finally reacted to the viral video via his official twitter account.

The documentary revealed how male lecturers in the University of Lagos and University of Ghana sexually harrass their female students and this has generated a lot of reactions from academic scholars, elites and common people.

According to series of tweets posted on his official Twitter page, President Buhari stated that “Nigeria needs stricter laws to protect girls and women from all forms of sexual abuse. He directed law enforcement agencies and school administrators to ensure that lecturers found guilty of sexually harrassing their female students face the consequences of their actions.

I acknowledge that we need to do more as a country to address incidents of sexual violence and sexual abuse in our schools; and all forms of discrimination, human trafficking and cultural practices that violate women’s rights.

“I urge our law enforcement agencies and school administrators to take up such cases with every seriousness, and ensure that perpetrators face the consequences of their actions. The practice of shaming and silencing victims must also be discouraged by all”.


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