Moment realtor was attacked by a man she was showing a house


Police are looking for a man who posed as a prospective client only to attack an Encino realtor who was showing him a house.

The realtor said she remembered having a bad feeling about the prospective client and her instincts turned out to be right as the man assaulted her in an unprovoked attack during an open house in Encino, Los Angeles, Sunday afternoon, September 22.

Surveillance video shows when the man pushes the realtor and then stands over her as she screams. The suspect then takes off.

According to the realtor, when she stepped out onto the home’s front porch on Sunday, the client continued to ask her to take him back inside. 

Several times during the confrontation, the man looked at a home security camera, which captured images of him, including his face.

The woman said the man appeared to become frustrated by her refusal to take him inside, and moments after shaking her hand, he suddenly moved forward and pushed the woman to the ground as she screamed.

The woman fell, hurting her back and suffering severe abrasions.

Detectives are asking for the public’s help in finding the man. Police has released a video with the suspect’s face in case anyone recognizes him.

Watch the video below.


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