I am a good Christian and this is the life Jesus wants me to to live – British Nigerian cross dresser (Video)


A British Nigerian cross dresser who was interviewed by a man on the streets of UK revealed that the life he is living is the life that Jesus wants him to live. According to the man, he is a good Christian and believes he is living the life Jesus wants him to live.

This is the life Jesus wants me to live, this is the life that i feel Jesus wants me to live I am fighting for my right to live my life the way i choose to live it Do you enjoy it? i love it, i love it! Where are you from originally? Originally, me and my family are from Nigeria but i am British. I am British born but i’m a bit British and a bit African. When did you decide to live this life? I decided to live this life the moment people erm i suppose they be described as people that tried to oppose me tried to make me live a different life, the more i realised this is the life i need to live. Do you normally enjoy it? I love it!

Watch video below;


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