Speed Darlington Claims Teni Is Gay After She Rocked Rainbow Coloured Socks At UK Event


Controversial musician and internet sensation Speed Darlington recently made a comment about popular female singer Teniola Apata. He insinuated that she might be gay.

The controversial individual made this point after Teni rocked a rainbow coloured socks at an event held in the United Kingdom.

Teni performed at The Ends Festival in UK which normally holds during the month of June which is known as the LGBT Pride Month.

Due to her gesture, Speed Darlington had this to say: “‘Nigeria is she gay? Is she trying to tell us something’. I hope not because if she’s openly gay that music no go pop again I know this for sure Nigeria is a very religious country nobody is booking gay musician. She going to need to move to white country for that’.”

Read his full words below:

This is not the first time Teniola is accused of being gay. A Nigerian man went on on social media to make claims about the singer’s gender identity.


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