Speed Darlington reveals what he will do to Ned Nwoko’s daughter


Instagram rapper and comedian, Speed Darlington has revealed what he will do to Ned Nwoko’s daughter for having a relationship with Regina Daniels.

According to a post he shared on Instagram, he would love to have sex with the man’s daughter as a way of teaching him a lesson for marrying a girl way younger than him.

Speed Darlington went on to reveal that girls in the age range of Regina Daniels are meant for young men like him. He however expressed anger that a 60-year old man is stealing such young girls which his generation ought to be enjoying

Sharing on Instagram, the rapper wrote:

Does this man have a daughter? I want to f**k his daughter I am obsessed with the thought. I want to teach him a lesson. This makes. Is married to a 22 years old and his 60 years old. I am 34 years old 22 19 23 should be .y playground what am I suppose to do now? If a 60 year old male is with early twenties am I suppose to become e a pedophile and begin looking at 13 year olds? You see where my anger coming from?


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