Lady shares suicidal thought on Facebook over her relationship issues


A Nigerian lady has taken to her social media account to reveal suicidal thought over her troubling relationship, says it is killing her.

A Facebook user, Cici Olatundun had taken to her page to share pictures of herself in tears and a bottle of poisonous insecticide; Sniper. She wrote;

I wish I drink sniper an die
My relationship is killing me

Her friends immediately gathered to encourage her to discard such drastic and horrific decision because of a relationship. Some took it lightly, asking her to go on.

This comes with the increase in suicidal rates in the country. You may recall that we recently reported that a UNN 1st class student Chukwuemeka Akachi committed suicide after leaving a suicide not on his Facebook page. The suicide note read;

Suicide Note.
Forgive me. In case you are the one who found the body, I am really sorry. It had to be someone, you know. I have chosen Jo Nketaih’s poem as my suicide note: “They said you came looking for me. I didn’t drown; I was the water.” Where do atheists go to when they die? lol. Amen.

We encourage that you reach out to her if you know her and any other person you may know that may is suicidal or shares suicidal thought.


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