Diamond Platnumz Reunites with Ailing Dad after 20 Years of Feud (Video)


Popular singer Diamond Platnumz has finally reunited with his dad after years of tension and misunderstandings.

The celebrity singer’s father had earlier claimed they had not spoken for two decades and all he wanted to do was work things out with the singer.

Diamond surprised his dad while the ailing man was still speaking to Wasafi FM on Tuesday, April 23.

The pair embraced for a brief moment then shook hands while Diamond’s colleagues watched the much awaited reunion.

The two could easily pass as brothers as Diamond’s father surprisingly looks young despite his age. Mzee Abdul, the singer’s dad appeared to be a tad bit lively and his feet that had been swollen for a while looked fine.

As was earlier reported, Abdul said he wanted to iron out the differences between him and his son, he knew he had wronged Diamond and was finally ready to make amends for his mistakes.

”The last time we talked is long time ago, it is about 20 years ago. I may have wronged but all I want is for him to take me as his father.

In fact I am giving out a note to this presenter, I want him to read it and then get back to me. I don’t want him to wait until I am in the grave to look for peace,”

the worried dad said.


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