Gifty threatens to kill Mr 2Kay and his mum?


Going by the paternity controversy trailing reality TV star Gifty Powers and Mr 2Kay, her new post on Instagram could be insinuating that she was threatening to kill Mr 2Kay and his mum.

According to reports, Gifty has a child with Mr. 2kay, but she had taken time to deny this in several interviews, stating that her daughter has a father in her life and he is not the singer.

Well, in her new post, the actress is taking a shot at someone who must have been the father of her daughter, but absconded from his fatherly duties. That someone could be Mr 2Kay, anyways!

She mentioned that it is not compulsory for every child to have a father in their life. She then went further to threaten the life of the man she was referring to and also that of his mum


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