My friend’s girlfriend of 6 months is a married woman of 2 years


A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to reveal that the lady his friend has been dating for 6 months, is a married woman of 2 years.

The Twitter user also revealed that his friend was already making plans to propose to the lady before he got to know about her marital status.

He wrote on the platform:

Some ladies are scum,there’s this lady that my guy have been dating for about 6 months now,they’re both staying in ikeja and today,I went to this barbershop to get my haircut unfortunately I met this girl there sitting in the barber’s office when she saw me she was sucked

I mean very sucked,knew she’s not there to barb but as a man I be I mind my business, but before I’m done she already left,when I’m about to leave I called one the barber’s apprentice and asked him who that girl is trust me I was told she’s oga’s wife and they’ve been married for about 2 years now ,man I was sucked asf and I almost caught fever for the matter bcus cold catches me. I don’t need anyone to calm me I’m going to tell my guy because he’s planning of proposing to her tomorrow at ICM.


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