Shop Assistant, 23, Set To Become a Millionaire before 25 After She Turned £100 into £100,000 in Just 6 Months


A woman who went from being a shop assistant to owning her own house, buying her mum a car, and driving a Range Rover has told how she converted £100 into £100,000 in just 6 months and is set to become a millionaire soon.

A couple of years ago Briony Gorton was working in a shop in Burnley, Lancashire, while studying for a degree at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Now, she’s on track to make her first million at the age of 25 and it all started with £100.

The £100 is how much Briony spent on fabrics for her first swimwear range.

She bought the materials from a local shop then took them to a family friend who was also a seamstress to turn her designs into reality then set up a website selling them online.

She told Mail Online:

I was working part time at Pandora and was at university when I realized that one day I wanted to become my own boss.

I used to sit in lectures thinking I was being taught how to work for somebody else and that wasn’t what I wanted.

After her swimwear designs were completed, the 23-year-old began modelling them herself and promoting them on social media.

She said:

I’ll never forget my first sale. It was the day after I listed my first design. I couldn’t believe that not only did other people like what I’d designed, but that they actually wanted to wear them on their holidays.

The response was incredible and within six months she launched her website – – and had a £100,000 business.

Briony now sells hundreds of clothes a week and even models for other people. She’s even moved into her own premises, photo studio attached, has a new house, a car and hundreds of sales a week.

She’s on track to be a millionaire by 25.


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