Man pays glowing tribute to his brother who died while fighting Boko Haram in the North East


A Nigerian man, Aminu Muhammad, has taken to social media to pay tribute to his brother, Akeem, a Nigerian soldier, who was killed while fighting Boko Haram members on Monday March 25th.

Posting pictures of Akeem, Aminu wrote

”I remember like yesterday when you were born in 1992. I with our father buried your placenta. I dug the ground, placed it in the hole and covered the hole while Baba watched.

Growing up, all you wanted so passionately to do was serve Nigeria as a soldier. All efforts to discourage you failed. After trying thrice and failing, we thought you would give up especially since you were already earning money in Minna. But again, you tried the 4th time and succeeded. You finally got what you had always wanted from childhood.

Your first major posting was to go face Boko Haram. Many felt you should leave but, you would always say “its a job I took for Nigeria”. Four times you escaped deadly attacks with many of your colleagues killed in some cases. All the times, you would ask us to keep praying for you rather than asking you to leave because you won’t.

Again, this Monday evening, your team of FIFTEEN men came under attack. The vehicle you were travelling in was bombed by Boko Haram. All your colleagues we were told died except you. While most were beyond recognition, you survived with shattered legs. We found a way to thank God that at least, you survived. We didn’t know your survival was going to be brief. We were to be told later again that you couldn’t carry on. The Nigeria you were passionate to serve, you died for her. How could I have imagined that you would go before me when I buried your placenta 27 years ago. Thank you for your passionate service to Nigeria.

Rest in peace my brother. Akeem my brother, its painful to bid you farewell. But, who are we when God has taken a decision. May Allah in His infinite kindness turn all your suffering in the Army which you severally narrated as restitution for all your sins. May He grant you His Rahama and forgive all your shortcomings.


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