Majid Michel Breaks Silence on Throat Cancer Report


According to the actor, the news that he flew out of Ghana some weeks back to undergo a throat surgery is false. In a video, Majid Michel was captured on camera revealing where he has been amid the said throat cancer surgery rumours.

Laying in bed with some other friends in the video, Majid disclosed that he did not go for a throat cancer surgery, instead he was on a trip to the holy land of Israel.

“Its fake. That story is fake. Be careful what you read online. Jesus is Lord,” Majid said. “I went to the holy land of Israel. I went to Jerusalem. The holy land, the land of milk and honey,” he added.

Majid further explained his experience as he disclosed that he read the Bible and some particular verses at the exact places the incident happened. The actor noted that there is a difference and a spiritual feeling when one reads the Bible in parts of Israel that the exact incident occurred.

Even though Majid’s voice sound unclear, the actor vehemently denied that he has throat cancer or went abroad for a throat surgery. Majid’s comments followed a rumor alleging that he had been flown out of the country to undergo throat surgery. In addition to the rumor, a photo of Majid sleeping in an aeroplane was widely circulated to back the surgery allegation.

But days after the story went viral, Majid’s close friend and movie director, Pascal Amanfo, came out to debunk the story. According to Amanfo, a purported photo of Majid lying in a hospital for the surgery was a photo taken of him in a plane and not a hospital.


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