See Why This Beautiful Actress Is Refusing To Marry


Ghanaian actress, Vicky Zugah has stated that she is refusing to get married because men can no more be trusted.

The single mother of two also touched on how she’s treated in church as a single mother.

“Everyone looks at you some way when you enter the church especially when you have children and you are not married. For now, I’m happy and I don’t even think about a man now.”

On why men cannot be trusted, Vicky Zugah stated that it is because they are fond of changing ways as soon as they have their way in a relationship.

“Men cannot be trusted and I have a lot of experience with them; they will be very nice to you at the initial stage and start misbehaving when they have their way. I am through with all that,” she said.

In an interview two years ago, the actress opened up on being abused by three of her ex-boyfriend.

“Yes! DJ Cash abused me, Leo Mensah abused and Bolt was the worse of all”.

When asked why she was consistently abuses by three different men, Vicky said:

“Well, what I did or did not do does not matter because nothing can justify a man laying his hand on a woman. I was never disrespectful to any of them, I don’t even argue with them because everybody who know me, knows I am a very quiet person”.


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