Sneaky Women Caught On Camera Using Little Baby To Steal Clothes (Video)


In a video that recently surfaced online, two female thieves were sighted stealing from a kiddies boutique while using a baby as a means of guise.

In what appeared to be a children’s clothing shop, the women decided to score some kiddies’ clothes without having to pay a penny.

The plan was easy, yet meticulously carried out. One lady carried a child on her back and supported the baby using a cloth.The whole while, she pretended to be browsing through the store as her partner carefully picked whatever suited her.

The lady with the baby at the back made sure her pace was slow and steady to allow her partner to easily scoop the baby by his behind and fit in a few clothes under it. However, the whole thing was caught on security camera. They better be smart next time.

Watch the video below

Want to see a magic trick 😳😏

Want to see a magic trick?? Watch this woman in yellow 😳😏

Posted by South Africa Live on Tuesday, March 19, 2019


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