14-Year-Old Girl Drowns In Her Bathtub after Dropping Her Phone in the Water and Suffering Massive Electric Shock


A 14-year-old Russian schoolgirl drowned in her bathtub after suffering a massive electric shock from her phone after dropping it in the water.

The victim, Yulia Vysotskaya was said to be charging the mobile when it slipped out of her hands at her home in Cheboksary. She suffered a massive electric shock which left her dead.

Her devastated parents ‘called an ambulance but paramedics were only able to register the schoolgirl’s death and take her body to the morgue,’ said one report citing medical sources.

According to Mail Online, this is the third such case is reported in a little over a year in the country despite public warnings from experts about the deadly risks of using smartphones in the bath.

Electronics engineer, Andrey Stanovsky has warned that ‘relaxing in a bathroom with your mobile phone plugged is like playing Russian roulette’



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