Primary School Teacher Filmed Herself Sexually Abusing Her Son and Sent It to Her Boyfriend


A primary school teacher has been accused of filming herself sexually abusing her son and sending the footage to her then-boyfriend.

Audra Mabel, 34, was a teacher at a kindergarten in Michigan when she allegedly sent sexually explicit videos to Justin Ritchie. Justin Ritchie also sexually assaulted his daughter.

The couple were discovered after Ritchie was accused of sexually assaulting his daughter. Authorities seized Ritchie’s laptop and found the videos Audra sent to him on his laptop.

Audra Mabel is accused of sending Ritchie 11 explicit videos of herself including one which allegedly shows her using her one-year-old son “to engage in or assist her to engage in sexually explicit conduct”. In another video, Mabel exposes herself to the camera, then turns the camera to reveal what appears to be a classroom full of students, the Detroit Free Press reports.

According to criminal complaints filed by the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Mabel sent the videos and photos to Ritchie because they “sometimes incorporated role-play and fantasies of child sex abuse into their sexual relations.”

Audra Mabel is now facing child pornography charges. She has been charged with producing and distributing child pornography.

Ritchie has been charged with sexual battery on a child under 12. He has been booked into the John E. Polk Correctional Facility. He is scheduled to appear before the courts April 23.



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