I’m About to Lose Everything I’ve Worked For, Depressed Nigerian Filmmaker, Egor Efiok Cries out for Help


A Nigerian British based filmmaker, Egor Efiok has cried out over her likelihood of suffering depression.

According to a post she shared on Facebook, she’s about to lose her house and everything she’s worked for.

She stated that she is currently in pain which spread to her shoulder after she broke her finger due to the issue she’s facing.

Calling for help, Egor Efiok wrote:

“I am soooo stressed and depressed. I am going to lose my house here. Everything I have worked hard for since 1994. I have an important meeting in Los Angeles on Monday and have no energy to travel. I had a freak accident yesterday because of the stress and broke my 5 left fingers. The pain is worse today and has spread to my shoulder. Anyway, I don’t care again. Whatever wants to happen should happen. I am tired.

She added:

“I am a very good person. All I have ever done is good good good. I can give up my last morsel to save somebody. I have given money to people who don’t even know me because I have a good heart. Jesus sees it. Please help me.”






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