Woman accused of battering maid


Residents of Andrew Alebe Street, Iyana Ishashi, Lagos, have appealed to the government and civil rights movement to rescue a child from being mistreated by her boss.

The woman, purported to be a soldier’s wife, was alleged to have injured the maid identified as Ulunma, whose poor parents were said to be in their village in Imo State.

The latest abuse on the minor reportedly occurred at 10, Andrew Alebe Street, off Okemoro in Iyana Isashi, Ojo, which left the girl, aged 10, with body injuries and fallen teeth.

Ayo Fatimoh, who shared the incident on social media, alleged that the woman was a terror in the neighbourhood, as she boasted that her husband was a soldier.

Fatimoh said the case of serial abuse on the minor had been reported at Ishashi Police Division, but the police seemed helpless in handling it.

The police reportedly advised the residents to expose the incident, to attract the attention of relevant government agencies and prevent murder.

But the Army described as unfounded, claims by the woman that her husband was a soldier.

It urged the police to arrest and prosecute her.

Spokesman for 81 Division, Laolu Daudu, a Lieutenant Colonel, advised the police and National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to intervene, to rescue the child.

He said: “This is a terrible case of child abuse and molestation. The woman should be brought to book irrespective of whoever her husband is. Her claims are unfounded, as her name, the purported soldier-husband’s name or rank or other details are not stated.

“Soldiers and their families live in barracks where there is zero tolerance for such inhuman act. It seems there is a deliberate attempt to use every opportunity of negative incident like this to smear the good image of the Nigerian Army, which is uncalled for.

“I hail the media for their good work. They should, however, not publish such stories casting unfounded aspersions on soldiers and their families.

“In this particular case, I advise that the attention of the Police, National Human Rights Commission and other relevant agencies be called, to save the traumatised child.”

Contacted, police spokesman Bala Elkana, a Deputy Superintendent (DSP), said the woman was arrested on August 16 last year and later arraigned.


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