I Want To Sleep with Hushpuppi before Marriage – Slay Queen Cries Out


A Nigerian lady took to Facebook to write an open letter to Hushpuppi.

The lady identified as Okechukwu Ella Eggovin AKA ADADICK, said she can no longer control how much she desires to have sex with popular Instagram big boy, Ray Hushpuppi, before she gets married.

The Slayqueen shared her personal feelings and desire to have Hushpuppi in a public social media group, alleging that he has a big Joystick.

She wrote,

Dear Hushpuppi pls we’re you pls come to enugu or i will come to were eve u are i will like to Bleep your big dick before i marry#ADADICK

This statement of hers have triggered so much criticism online.

See reactions below.



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