Jealous Girlfriend Jailed After Stabbing Her Boyfriend to Death during Picnic (Photos)


A man has lost his life after his jealous girlfriend stabbed him with a barbecue skewer. Svetlana Boyarinova, 27, attacked her partner during a fight while the couple were enjoying a picnic with friends at a lake in Russia.

According to reports, the woman plunged the 2ft long skewer into Evgeny Solyanik’s chest after she accused the man of cheating on her. He always denied her frequent infidelity accusations but telling his friends: “It’s as if she uses black magic to keep us together.”

Boyarinova pulled out the skewer and she and a friend took the man to hospital where he was given first aid. Doctors even discharged him and the group went back to continue their barbecue picnic at Lake Kasargi in July last year.

But next morning Evgeny was ailing badly and she rushed him to the hospital where his heart and lung were found to be damaged.

He died hours later during emergency surgery.

Boyarinova was detained the same day accused of manslaughter after confessing to stabbing him with the skewer.

Now she has been convicted and sentenced to six and a half years in jail by a court in Chelyabinsk region.




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