”Your Opinions Doesn’t Pay My Bills” Mercy Aigbe Reply Trolls Over Her Cleavage-Baring Outfit


Over the weekend, star actress, Mercy Aigbe, wore this eye popping cleavage-baring outfit to singer, KWAM 1’s birthday party.

Ever since she shared the photos on her Instagram page, some of her followers have been attacking and condemning her for wearing what they described as a ”sinful dress”.

Well, she has drafted a reply for them and she shared it on her Instagram page. Read below;

Letter to association of ‘holier than thou’ ‘saints’ ‘social media preachers’… pls I posted this pix I know my cleavage is showing! I love it  pls if you don’t, kindly unfollow or go to lindaikeji to leave your self righteous and hypocritical comments
Need I remind y’all that your opinions doesn’t define me neither does it pay my bills, so sincerely your opinions are meaningless to me ……. Please spare me all those comments oh! Cos I am too busy and won’t really have time to be blocking your fake asses till later in the day
My advice is drink plenty of water and mind the business that pays your bills , life isn’t that hard


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