Lukau’s resurrection story crumbles, church claims man was ‘undead’ on arrival


Since a video went viral which showed Pastor Alph Lukau resurrecting a dead man, the religious leader and his church have been under increased scrutiny from Mzansi. South Africans accused the pastor of ‘faking’ a resurrection and they have placed increased pressure on Lukau to come clean. The Sowetan reported it has not even been three days since the miracle was filmed and already the Alleluia International Ministries church caved under the pressure. According to the church, the man was already ‘undead’ when he arrived on the premises. However, they maintained that their pastor had done God’s work by completing a miracle He already started.

So, basically, the church said the man was dead, but on his way to church he came back to life. But, he was not entirely alive when he arrived so their pastor had to complete the miracle.

The church’s revelation of the not-so-dead, dead man, came after three funeral parlours took legal action against the pastor. Funeral parlours such as Kings & Queens, Black Phoenix and Kingdom Blue opened criminal cases against Lukau, citing “reputational damage” as grounds for their lawsuits.

The lawsuits resulted in the church changing their story. According to Church minister Busi Gaca and pastor Rochelle Kombou, the hearse driver heard a noise coming from the coffin and he ran away. They alleged that the dead man, who has been identified as Elliot, came back to life and started kicking and moving in the coffin. Gaca added Pastor Lukau went to investigate what was going on when the hearse arrived at his church.

Kombou said by the time they opened the coffin, the man was already breathing and she could see his tongue moving. “It was not a resurrection miracle, we are saying the testimony was completed by the one who is chosen to do what he does,” she added. According to the man’s family, they were on their way to Zimbabwe when he came back to life. He reportedly died while receiving care from a private doctor after a local hospital denied him help.


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