Taxi driver napped on CCTV stealing the phone of a ‘drunk’ man who passed out on the street (Photos)


The shocking moment an alleged drunk man’s phone was stolen by a taxi driver has gone viral online.

A CCTV camera records the moment a man who appears to have passed out next to the Philharmonic concert hall in Krakow, had his phone stolen. The man, dressed in black, had his head bent and phone in his hand.

A 63-year-old taxi driver gets out of his car and walks over to the man, bends down and looks around but in a shocking twist instead of helping him the taxi driver reaches down and takes the phone from the ground between the man’s legs. He then stands up and walks back to his car before reversing it onto the road and driving away.

A municipal guard operating the CCTV camera saw the incident and told his colleague who arrested the taxi driver just minutes later. He could now face up to five years in prison after he was charged with theft.

The mobile phone, worth almost 1,400 Polish Zloty (£280), was returned to its rightful owner. The taxi driver however claimed he had good intentions and did not know how he ended up with the stolen phone.



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