R.Kelly Reportedly Ate the Best Meal in Jail Over The Weekend


R. Kelly might have a full plate of problems right now, but at least he also had the best meal in jail over the weekend while waiting to be released on bond.

The singer got sprung from jail Monday after his lawyers posted the necessary $100k he had to cough up to fulfill his $1 million bond.

According to TMZ, which obtained the Cook County Jail’s monthly menu, the singer had a good time in jail.

Here’s what R. Kelly was fed on Saturday and Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


B — Breakfast square, bread, jelly, margarine, drink mix (whatever that is), applesauce

L — Cured turkey, bread, egg (just one???), chips, cookie, mustard, drink mix

D — Meatballs, teriyaki sauce, fluffy rice, carrots, bread, margarine, pudding and milk


B — Breakfast square, bread, jelly, ginger snap, peanut butter, drink mix

L — Turkey salami, bread, cereal, cookie and salad

D — House fried rice, mixed veggies, bread, margarine, iced cake and milk


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