I am obsession with Nigerians – Ellen Baby


Danish Instagram comedian, Ellen Baby has stated why she’s obsessed with Nigerians. In a post she shared on her page, she stated that she is not only obsessed but full of admiration for the people’s culture and tradition.

Sharing a picture showing her wearing Traditional Nigerian attire, Ellen Baby wrote:

I still get DM’s that ask me; “What’s your obsession with Nigerians”
Its not so much an obsession as it is an admiration. Tradition and culture is a beautiful thing, and one of the many things I very much admire about Nigerians is the way tradition holds a very important place in people’s hearts. Nigeria is such a rich country.
From an abundance of various natural ressources, to more than 500 languages spoken. Rich in wealth, people and in culture.
The smartest and most creative people i know derive from Nigeria. Some of the best friends I have are Nigerians located in Nigeria and in the diaspora, so why would I not be interested in the culture. Why would i not find it to be an inspiration when some of the people I love and admire the most comes from Nigeria. Loving something doesnt mean disowning your own. I love my danish heritage but I also find influence and inspiration from people I respect, value and love. It’s really that simple


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