Woman goes viral for reviewing brands of soap on how good they taste


Khosik Assyifa, a young woman from Indonesia’s East Java province, has become an unlikely Instagram sensation thanks to her bizarre eating habits. Assyifa has been posting videos that show her licking bars of hand soap and reviewing them based on taste.

Just so we’re clear, she doesn’t just touch the soap bars with the tip of her tongue to get a taste but licks and slurps them like you would an ice-lolly. She appears to be enjoying the taste almost as much as people love watching her do it. Her soap-eating videos receive thousands of likes and comments, including suggestions on what soap brands she should try next.

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Assyifa only started posting videos of herself eating hand soap seven days ago, but she’s already become a minor celebrity in her country, after being featured on dozens of news sites and online magazines. In a recent interview with Ngopibareng, the 21-year-old said that she first started eating soap two years ago, after becoming pregnant. Women often get cravings during pregnancy, and she craved soap.

She first tasted soap one day while taking a shower and loved the fruity taste so much that she started eating it regularly. However, she was embarrassed to tell her husband about her bizarre addiction, but he found out recently after her Instagram videos went viral.

Khosik Assyifa said that she ate soap during her pregnancy as well, but luckily that didn’t affect the baby at all. She also mentioned that she has never experienced any abdominal pain, bloating or nausea after consuming her favourite treat.

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The mother-of-one told Ngopibareng reporters that she posted her first soap-eating video on Instagram a week ago, as a joke, but it got so much attention (over 200,000 views at the time of this writing) that she has since posted two more videos, eating different brands, including one suggested by commenters.

Watch one of her viral video below



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