Lady calls out date who deceived her to pay for his trip and meals


A Nigerian lady identified as Dr. Anike has taken to social media to call out her date who deceived her to pay for his trip and meals.

In her post, she stated the the man came late and gave an excuse of his cards not working. So she had to pay for his trip as well as the meal, only for her to later find out he was doing a give-away on his page.

She wrote:

Some guys are just stupid, went on a date with you, you came 2 hours late only to give stories about your card, i paid for your trip and our dinner & left thinking you have sense, only for me to check my TL and see you doing giveaway, uche you are mad. I’m glad we didn’t get far.

I have said I wouldn’t tag him but see the fool still posting giveaways, for those saying i was tooting my horn of generousity, I’m not he proposed the dinner idea and promised to pay me back after lying about his card! Has he still not gotten hold of his card?


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