Great-great grandma celebrates 100 years birthday with two male strippers


A great-great grandma, Doll Jenkins, has been given a wonderful treat in celebration of her birthday. The woman who clocked 100 years had two male strippers put smiles on her face as they danced in front of her.

Great-great grandma, Doll Jenkins, was given the treat by staff of her retirement home who hired the male strippers

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Leigha Jones, senior carer at the home, revealed that Doll Jenkins had a great time with the men.

She said:

‘Her face just lit up when they came in, she was beaming. We all sat in the lounge area waiting for them and when they came in she was a bit taken aback.

‘She told them to go and put some clothes on, but she soon came out of her shell and was flirting and smacking their bottoms.

‘She loved it and she kept asking them to come back and say goodbye to her properly.’

Doll Jenkins has six grandchildren, ten great grandchildren and four great, great grandchildren, has been at the care home for a year.

Leigha added:

‘She kept asking if we could go and find the naked men again.

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‘She is a lot younger at heart – she still gets around and walks when she feels strong enough and she still laughs and jokes.

There is never a time when she is not smiling.’

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