This man says he supports his daughter showing off her body anyhow


A movie director in Ghana, Bentum Jackson has stated that he doesn’t mind how his daughter, Yaa Jackson, goes about showing off her body as a singer.

According to a recent interview he had, Bentum stated that his teenage daughter Yaa Jackson, who is still in High School, can do whatever she likes because it is simply showbiz and a way to seek attention.

“I support her and whatever she says in interviews. I support it because it is business. If she had chosen to be a pastor and she was saying what she says, then I’ll be angry, but as it is, this is how entertainment is supposed to be and she is doing just that. After all, she is not a gospel artiste. In this industry, if she decides to stay calm, maybe no one will mind her,” he said.

He went on to state that one has to do outrageous things in order to get attention in the entertainment industry.

“We already know how the entertainment industry is. There was one producer who went to premiere his movie somewhere but he did not get the media attention, so, he decided to steal from a shop nearby. What he stole was not even up to $5. He was arrested and when quizzed, he confessed that he did not get the attention he needed for his movie premier but news of the theft has given him the media attention he needs to premier his movie. So, sometimes in the entertainment industry, you have to be creative to get attention for people to be aware of you.

“She’s being instructed to do so, and she has to do it so we have to understand her. It’s all part of the entertainment, so, I don’t have any problem with it.” he added.


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