Same God behind technological inventions gave doctors brain to enhance our bodies- Toke Makinwa (Video)


Media personality, Toke Makinwa, has advised women not to allow anyone stop them from considering having a body makeover. In a new vlog she shared on her Youtube channel, Toke who had her body, boobs and butt done last year, said people should not be talked out of getting their body done based on religious belief because it is the same God that gave scientists the brain to innovate phones, sim cards and others is the same one that has given doctors the knowledge to help men and women fix their bodies.

The 34-year-old who is also an author, said everyone suffers from self esteem issues and no one should be judged if they decide to do something about an uncomfortable part of their body

“This year, I am going to speak to those people who might be going through a phase in their life right now where they’re feeling shamed as a result of things they’ve done at some point in the past or who are not necessarily bold enough to take the step and own certain things. Everyone has self esteem issues. Everyone has one or two things that they are not proud about. If we are open to the invention of technology, why are we not open to the invention of medical science?

“If you are someone who wants to get a boob job for yourself, if you want to get any part of your body enhanced, don’t let anybody shame you for making those choices. It is the same God that gave the scientist the brain to invent certain things like phones, sim cards, that gave doctors the brain to find new ways to make the body better” Toke said

Watch a clip from her session below


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