The family of Bunmi has been thrown into mourning over the death of their daughter, who allegedly died as a result of negligence from her husband one Engr. Jonah Ukah who under the guise of travelling to Dubai, abandoned his wife and their children, only for pictures of him getting wedded to another woman emerged all over social media after the death of his wife.

Bunmi and Jonah when they got married.

According to a close friend of the elder sister of the late Bunmi who wish to remain anonymous, the man whose picture is attached to this story is Bunmi’s husband, and the couple lives in warri. Narrating the story, she said that one day the husband of the deceased came up with the idea of him travelling to Dubai in search of greener pastures with the promise of coming back to pick his family when fully settled, as a wife who wants the progress of her husband, though she had health challenges Bunmi agreed and gave her husband Engr Jonah her blessings and permission to travel.

Speaking further, the narrator said that when the husband of the deceased eventually arrived in Dubai (according to him), he called the late wife but with a roamed line and this sequence continued for a period of time, each time Jonah calls, Bunmi always ask why he calls her with a number she can’t call him with, and he will respond by telling her not to worry, soon he will send numbers with which she can easily reach him anytime. The narrator continued that the calls eventually dropped from once in a month to no calls at all, at this point Bunmi became really worried that her marriage of 6yrs to Jonah Ukah was about to hit the rocks, still she kept faith in God, for she was too sure they never had any issue, but all of a sudden, in the process of trying to cope with her husband abandoning her and their three children, a strange ailment struck her. Bunmi’s mum on seeing the sorry state of her daughter moved Bunmi and her children into her own apartment, and eventually the family took her to Naval hospital Warri, all test conducted found nothing, even the prophets too saw nothing, Bunmi’s condition worsened, on the morning of September 30 2018, I received a call and all i heard was a shout that Bunmi is dead, the deceased elder sister’s friend said.

Upon the confirmation of Bunmi’s death, her family tried to contact Bunmi’s husband without any success, the mother inlaw of the deceased eventually called and visited two days after her death, claiming still that her son Jonah Ukah is in Dubai, she left the next day, her visit was followed by some members of Jonah’s family who visited the morgue during November to see Bunmi’s corpse, they promised coming back, alas they never returned, Bunmi’s family waited, called and texted, no response.

Finally arrangements were made and Bunmi’s corpse was driven to Ilaje Ondo state for her funeral rites, all expenses paid by her eldest sister, that was how Bunmi Ukah was laid to rest, nobody could console her family that day, but after the burial, reality began to set that there was more to Jonah’s sudden disappearance that meets the eyes.

School resumed and Bunmi’s family took over the responsibility of training the kids, kaboom like they say nothing is hidden under the sun for too long, rumours started flying in that Bunmi’e husband ENGR JONAH UKAH, has been living with another woman, he never travelled, to rub salt into the wound of Bunmi’s family, they discovered Jonah married the lady in question on the 30th December 2018, on her facebook wall the post was captioned with: “I found the one, for me’ Engr Jonah, share in my happiness as i join my world best to become ONE traditionally. He asked and i said yes even before realising the level of his awesomeness, and tomorrow 30th of December, 2018 our traditional ceremony will take place in Ukwa Nkporo of Abia state.

See the post below

Oh how cruel the heart of Jonah, if only a big fish can swallow this Jonah forever, they wished, Bunmi’s family were inconsolable, tears flowed freely as they have lost their daughter, and her husband who claimed to be in Dubai didn’t only allow her to die, he didn’t even bother to see her corpse, he has gotten married to another woman Chinasa Ude a lady from Abia state and has kept posting on social media how his 2019 started well, my people what offense did Bunmi committed to be treated this way by a man she shared vows with and bore two children, the narrator asked?

When contacted the deceased elder sister who narrated in tears how the husband of the deceased Jonah maltreated her sister all through their years in marriage, culminating in him abandoning her for another woman under the presence of travelling abroad, she didn’t hold back on her words in describing Jonah, calling him the most heartless and wicked man she has ever come across.

Jonah got married traditionally to my sister Bunmi at Warri in 2013 and they relocated to Aba. And they had 2 lovely kids together, Jonah has never for once treated Bunmi like a husband treats his wife. She added that besides Jonah never caring for her deceased sister and their two children, the only thing he does whenever Bunmi falls sick is to buy her panadol and again forced himself on her not minding the state of her health, my sister who happened to be a reserved person kept everything she was passing through to herself. And was accommodating Jonah because of his mom, (her mother in-law), not knowing that she is the devil in sheep clothing.

My sister was a gifted tailor. Very hardworking and selfless being. She called me one day that they have decided to relocate from Aba back to Warri because of her business. Jonah rented a 2 bedroom flat very closed to my mums home. Not long after they moved back to Warri he said that he just got a job in Dubai and that he will have to leave for Dubai immediately, shortly after he left for Dubai my sister fell sick, rashes and spots came all over her body from nowhere. Doctors could not even defined what was wrong with her, we took her to pastors for prayers, no improvement, she was just getting worst by the day. We called Jonah, and told him what was going on with his wife. He promised to call back, but he did not, how can he? There were times when my sister had miscarriages, Jonah would forced himself on her with the blood, so i was not surprised, i never liked him from the beginning, to renew the rent Jonah would send his mum to come renew it herself, at a time, I was wondering why he does not want his money to touch my sister’s hand. After 2 month of renewing the rent the Landlord called my mum to come collect the rent money back, that he does not want anybody to die in his house.

And 2 month rent was deducted from the actual rent. And the balance of the money was deposited to my sister’s account. We were forced to carry Bunmi and her kids to my mums house. A day before her death, i was restless in the office, where I work we don’t normally enter with our phones, I had to find a way of calling her.

Bunmi how are you? she replied with (I still de breath)

I told her that I will see you tomorrow….

She was like ha ha ha struggling to breath, “I wan talk to you”, abeg make una forgive me, I no say una warn me not to marry Jonah but I no hear. Beg everybody to forgive me.

She was full of regrets on the phone.

I closed from the office late and went straight to bed, at around 11pm, they woke me up that Bunmi my lovely sister body is cold, at that time I could only remember praying, not knowing that she was dieing already. While rushing to see our pastor she died on the road. We then took her corpus to the General hospital. It was the worst day of my life that night. At that moment my mum was mute, we were advised to provoke her so that she can cry out. Thanks God we were able to make her cry at last. We immediately called the husband Jonah, the only word he said at that point in time was I quote.. my wife die? Ok I go call in one hour’s time. He never call back. We tried calling him back he wasn’t picking our calls, so we placed a call to Jonah’s mum, she came, and the elder brother who said he was not aware of everything that was going on, that he only came because of his mum that was with us at that time. Blamed his mum for misleading Jonah. Immediately my mum started crying again that if truly Jonah used my sister for ritual he will not live to enjoy the wealth.

In Ondo state where I came from, we don’t keep children corpse in the mortuary for long, so my people asked us to come with my sister’s corpse with her husband people, when we call to inform them, they asked us to give them time, we waited for days they did not come nor pick our calls. So we decided to go burry her on the 16 Nov 2018. Since they refused to follow us. They only send 50,000 to us to buy casket. As we speak they are yet to contact us.

A source disclosed that the said day we were supposed to travel to the village for my sister burial that Jonah was in Aba preparing for his second marriage.

People started spreading the gist that Bunmi’s husband ENGR JONAH UKAH, has been living with another woman, he never traveled, they discovered Jonah married the lady in question on the 30th December 2018, on his facebook page the post was captioned with:

See his post below

Bunmi’s family were brokenhearted, as they have lost their daughter, and her husband who claimed to be in Dubai has gotten married to another woman Chinasa Ude a lady from Abia state and has kept posting on social media how his 2019 started well,

According to Bunmi’s brother when contacted described the hold incident as annoying. And they asked they question below…

Country people, over to you guys, what do we do to Jonah Ukah?

See more photos of Jonah and his second wife below


  1. I’m completely dumbfounded……if this is true…..hell will be too comfortable for the animal in human skin. I lack words to describe these whole scenarios….


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