Ifu Ennada criticizes ladies who get excited during marriage proposal


Ifu Ennada in her new Insta-story post, criticized ladies who get excited during marriage proposal as seen in social media posts and videos.

Ifu Ennada who wondered why ladies get overly excited or cry during marriage proposal, maintained that the man is not doing the lady a favour, rather the lady is giving up a whole lot to make him the only one.

Read her post below;

This is coming Ifu Ennada dropped a bombshell about her love life and relationship status. The reality show star revealed that she no longer minds remaining a Miss for the rest of her life. According to her, she has ‘repented’ from having the notion that marriage was really an achievement. Now, she does not see marriage as the ultimate factor that determines a person’s happiness, and for this change of mindset, she is grateful to God.


  1. Nop nop nop……. she’s not contented with her situation. Let me simply state that her attitude negates marriage and the significance of a man asking a responsible woman’s hand in marriage as the culture demands. She rather get all excited when a man hands over a fat check to her……


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