Ice crashes through family’s ceiling near Toronto airport


An Ontario family woke up to the sound of something crashing through the ceiling of their home on Wednesday. It turned out to be ice, possibly from a plane.

Michael Caccavo of Mississauga said that he was awakened by the loud boom at around 6:30 a.m. “The house shook a little bit,” he said.

When Caccavo went into his parents’ bedroom to investigate, he saw a large hole in the ceiling in the closet area, along with debris and shattered ice on the floor.

Caccavo said the ice — about five pounds of it — landed a few metres away from where his mother was sleeping.

“That’s where (my mom and dad) get ready,” he said. “That’s where they put their clothes on. It’s scary.”

Caccavo said he believes the ice fell from a plane landing at Toronto Pearson International Airport, which is about 25 kilometres away.

Flight data shows an Air Canada Rouge flight from Las Vegas would have been going over his home at around that time.

Air Canada said that they were unaware of the incident. Nav Canada, the non-profit agency in charge of air traffic control, said it was reaching out to the homeowner.

Ice can form on airplanes at high altitudes and fall off in chunks as planes descend into warmer air, according to Heathrow Airport, which says such incidents are “rare.”

Caccavo said he believes the damage could cost around $20,000 to repair. He said he called the airport and was not satisfied with their response.

“My mom is shaken up. She’s a little worried. She’s scared a little bit,” he said. “But we’re just happy everyone is OK.”


  1. Possibly from the airplane, reason being that there hasn’t been much of snow in Toronto, moreover they’re very close to YYZ Pearson Intel airport. Planes fly very low over their roofs when landing……


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