VIDEO: Couple slammed for ignoring maid while enjoying ice cream and pizza at a restaurant


It’s the festive season and generally it is assumed that during this period, all forms of evil, ills and wrong attitudes towards others are meant to disappear.

But then, it has been proven over time that even during the period of funfair and love, hatred can still reign supreme.

In line with this thought, a video that recently went viral has shown just how the yuletide period is never quite an excuse for anyone to not do something wrong. In the viral footage captured by a woman, a young girl was supposedly maltreated.

Based on what the clip showed, the said girl who is still likely in her childhood years, had accompanied a family to a popular restaurant located in Abule Egba, Lagos.

The couple looked well-dressed in matching outfits just as their children looked good in their ready made attires.

Apparently, they had come into the eatery to celebrate the festive season, and to this effect, they ordered for several assorted meals – pizza, ice-cream, chicken wings.

Without hesitation, they dug into the food. But they forgot the little girl they had brought along, or better put, they ignored her.

This young girl who was wearing a casual black dress was made to sit at another table while the family was enjoying their feast.

She stared at them hungrily but they paid no attention to her. Even the young kids of the couple were so caught up in their meal that they totally forgot about the girl.

In the video, the woman who had captured the footage could be heard talking.

She could not help but assume that the young, neglected kid was the family’s housemaid, and clearly, she was very pissed that they had abandoned the lady in such way.

watch the video below


  1. But the man in question spoke out in a social media……He said that the story is not true. That the girl was not in their company, and that he doesn’t even have a maid let alone…..


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