Cross-dressing man ties the knot wearing same wedding dress as his bride


A cross-dressing man who recently held his wedding atLas Vegas’ Neon Graveyard, wore exactly same wedding dress as his bride.

The Cross-dressing man identifiedas 53-year-old Ian Newman from East Dulwich, southLondon, rocked a white strapless gown with his bride, EmmaSparre-Newman, for their wedding on September 21.

The couple met two years ago at a festival, and Ianrevealed his love of cross-dressing to Emma on their second date.The Cross-dressing man who wore same wedding dress as his bride,shopped for the gown with her and his daughter was very much around to dohis makeup before the ceremony.

Emma said:

‘Over the last two years, Ian has dressed almost exclusively in women’s clothing.

‘It would actually be odd to see him in jeans and at-shirt as it’s just not him.

‘So when we discussed marriage, I expected that we would both wear a dress.

‘But we have very different ideas about style so I didn’t imagine we’d ever wear the same outfit.

‘I’m not precious about it, it’s a dress and actually it’s our wedding, it’s not mine.’

‘We wanted to keep it very relaxed so I had planned to wear a dress I owned.

‘But my friend was trying to persuade me to goshopping, and when I said no, Ian admitted that he did want a proper weddingdress.

‘Everyone found it hilarious that he was more keento go dress shopping than I was.’

Emma added: ‘I had been very anti-wedding as Ididn’t want to stress about what was a very happy experience but trying ondresses was so much fun.

‘It was actually the manager who suggested that Ianshould try on the dress that I had already chosen.

‘It didn’t bother me at all and as soon as he triedit on, I knew it was the dress for him, he looked amazing.’


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