Former Hi-5 star Charli Robinson reveals her biggest concern as she prepares to give birth to her first child

She made a name for herself starring on Hi-5 for a decade. And now Charli Robinson has revealed her greatest fear as she prepares to give birth to her first child.

She said..My greatest fear is that I won’t be her favourite Hi-5 star.’ Charlie, who is dating Liam Talbot, said she plans on buying all the DVDs for their little girl. The pregnancy comes after the 38-year-old and her race car driving partner lost their unborn children. A year into the relationship, Charli became pregnant but lost the twins at five weeks. She said that what happened had made them have a conversation about what they wanted. ‘It’s funny, you don’t think you want something until it’s been taken away from you,’ she told the publication. And despite the fact being on Hi-5 had not particularly left Charli with a want to have children, the tragedy changed her mind. But after actively trying to get pregnant fears began to arise that she may be unable to. ‘I kept saying to Liam, ‘I’m broken, this isn’t going to happen for us’,’ she said. But now the couple are expecting a girl due on Australia Day.


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