Model with Tribal marks recounts how she got pregnant as a teen and became homeless


Nigerian model with tribal marks has recounted how she got pregnant as a teen and became homeless because she was too afraid to face her strict father.

According to Adetutu, she ran away from home and soon began to sleep on the street. However before she took the decision, she informed the father of her child who told her to keep the pregnancy. However the next time she went to his house, he had run off without leaving a trace or a contact with which to reach him.

The Nigerian model with tribal marks told LITV that she passed nights in empty shops and sometimes getting drenched, as she had nowhere to go as relatives and family friends who feared her strict father refused to help her.

However she got lucky after she went to the Redeemed Christian Church of God where she saw a banner advertising a foundation for women in her condition, just before she had her baby. She disclosed that she called the number and it turned out to be a foundation run by Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, who helped her register for WAEC and she began attending lessons while pregnant.

She further disclosed that after the baby was born, they helped her put the baby up for foster care for 4 years. However after 4 years when she became established, she went back for her child and they now live together.


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