Kemen and Ifu Ennada spark dating rumour


Kemen and Ifu Ennada have sparked a dating rumour, following photos they both shared on their Instagram pages.

fu Ennada who shared a photo of herself in a night suit and Kemen’s sneakers in the background, wrote on Instagram;

How are you up so early after last night? You’re a hot engine. Let your happiness be your priority

Kemen who also shared a photo with same background, tagged it ‘rare nights’. Here is the photo below;

Kemen and Ifu Ennada are being linked together, just after Ifu disclosed that she almost dated a guy with low esteem few months ago.

“I am not dating anyone but I want a boyfriend. Honestly, the truth is that I want to date not because of the money but because I can take care of myself. I want to date because I need a companion. Sometimes I come back from work and meetings or sometimes it could just be some mental and physical work I’m doing in my house and I could just need some hug,” she said.



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