Final year Madonna university student dies after brief illness


A final year Madonna University student identified as Stephanie has died following a brief illness, which was reportedly caused by the school’s negligence.

Stephanie, who was in the Department of Business Administration, is reported to have died on campus on Monday, November 26, 2018.

Friends who took to Facebook to mourn her claim she died of diabetic complications and they blame the school’s S.S.U for not signing an exit form to allow her travel home for better treatment.

She was in 100Level then, I was in Final year
All she wanted was to Dance
She said Uncle Levi, I know am Fat it doesn’t scare me, people laugh at me I don’t care, just teach me the steps and watch me lit up the stage, she went on to live her dream of being a very good dancer in that Competition (Battle of the strong 2016 M. A.T.H)

Second position that was what she took in the competition she was so Happy, I will never forget that smile on her face.

This Young girl is dead because of A NonChallant University that doesn’t value the lives of its Students Stephanie RIP I pray that your Death will never be in vain, Al the people at fault will be punished.






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