Nicki Minaj cancels Shanghai concert after discovering music festival was a giant ‘scam’


Nicki Minaj flew all the way to Shanghai, China last week to headline a music festival that is said to have been a scam.While Minaj hasn’t told her side of the story, videos had surfaced with Minaj telling fans that she plans on returning.I’ll be back, you guys, for my real fans in Shanghai, in China, I love you so much,’ Minaj said in a video posted on Twitter. ‘I’ll be back with a better partner.’

Minaj was promised a whopping $3 million to perform at a festival called the Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP).Just before she arrived, the DWP website released a statement claiming it had no association with the concert.‘The event rumored to take place in Shanghai on 17th & 18th of November 2018 is an unauthorized use of DWP trademark,’ began the statement. DWP as a brand, has no association with the event. The alleged lineup artwork of DWP China, which has been circulating online is unauthorized,’ concluded the statement.

Shanghaiist reports that Minaj was promised there would be at least 8,000 fans in attendance, but there were only about 1,000 fans who showed up at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai’s western Qingpu district.The site speculates that Minaj may have found out too late that the festival was fraudulent, but the festival has fired back, blaming Minaj for refusing to take the stage.  Minaj had been slated to perform a 90-minute set as the two-day festival’s headliner, but the festival responded to DWP’s statement, producing a ‘power of attorney’ document to prove they did have the right to use DWP’s trademark.

DWP Shanghai released another statement on their Weibo account, claiming Minaj didn’t arrive on time and then refused to perform. The festival organizers negotiated with the singer for two hours before her manager ultimately took the stage to tell the fans Minaj would not perform. 

‘We strongly condemn this behavior and would like to sincerely apologize to our audience,’ read DWP Shanghai’s statement, adding they will refund the fans who paid to see Minaj. The traditional DWP festival has been traditionally held in Bali for the past 10 years, with the most recent festival held in December, which traditionally attracts top talent. 

Some have compared the fiasco to the ill-planned Fyre Fest, with tickets to Minaj’s concert going for upwards of $420. 


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