Akapson, a National Emergency Management Agency worker, was shot in her car for refusing to open her car door when asked by the policemen.


A police officer who was said to be part of the police team that allegedly killed Anita Akapson in Abuja, is involved in the investigation into the homicide.

Akapson, the daughter of a former Minister of State for Finance, Nenadi Usman, was shot dead in her Honda Accord car in Katampe area of Abuja on October 13 by four policemen including the female officer said to be involved in the ongoing investigation into the incident.

Sources explained that the female cop was part of the investigating team, noting that her involvement in the probe into the case in which she is a suspect was unethical.

It was feared that the outcome of the investigation might be prejudicial in view of the roles being played by the female cop in the investigation.

“We learnt that the female officer, whose name was withheld, was involved in the investigation into the killing. We know for a fact that she was one of the police officers involved in the killing and so, we can’t fathom why should she be leading the investigation,” a source stated.

Following the incident, the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, had ordered the detention of those involved, which the Federal Capital Territory Police spokesman, Anjuguri Manzah, said the command had complied with.

The IG had also asked the FCT Commissioner of Police, to personally carry out a thorough investigation of the policemen involved in the incident.

Findings, however, indicate that only the Superintendent of Police who fired the fatal shot was being detained.




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